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Ice cream for calming sensitive muscles

_1 Ice cream for calming sensitive muscles For younger skin, it will be renewed every 28 days. The rate of skin renewal will be greatly slowed due to aging or changes in the environment. As a result, the skin begins to become rough and dull. Normally after 22 years of age, we need to regularly […]

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Winter medicated tonic to prevent poisoning

Winter medicated tonic to prevent poisoning Recently, the Food Safety Commission of Yunnan and other places issued an early warning announcement to remind the public to prevent food poisoning in autumn and winter, especially tonic supplements.   Experts remind medicinal diet supplements cannot ignore the toxicity of “food and medicine” ingredients.   Chu Xiaoou, the director of […]

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Killer hidden in the gym

“Killer” hidden in the gym Going to the gym to exercise is the choice of many men, but because everything has advantages and disadvantages, the gym is no exception, please see the “killer” of the gym described below.   If you want to explain “decent”, perhaps it should be a healthy body with a delicate face. […]

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Bezoar detoxification tablets become poisoning tablets

Bezoar detoxification tablets become “poisoning tablets” Niuhuang Jiedu tablets are very familiar with antipyretics. Many people buy them whenever they have symptoms of toothache and irritability. Some beauty-loving women have developed new uses of them—using their diarrheal effect to communicateHe will lose weight, but if he abuses this medicine, the detoxification tablets will also become […]

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Office secrets of OL

Office secrets of OL Miss in the office, sir is always busy at the desk. Use a computer, look at the files, discuss the research . It’s easy to stay quiet, which makes it easier to face obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases. Life lies in exercise. As the old saying […]

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Want to get fat – first find a fat friend

Want to get fat? Find a fat friend first. Friends have more influence on you than your own attitudes, emotions and goals. They can help you find your healthy weight, or they will change you to gain weight.   Weight gain is also socially contagious In a recent study on friends and weight gain, researchers at […]

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How many bad habits of skin aging do you have?

_1 How many bad habits of skin aging do you have? You may think that a 40-year-old woman will feel unforgiving, in fact, the cells of the body began to age from 25 years old. Anti-aging can be said to be a woman’s lifelong career.   In this cold wind and fragile winter, every MM should […]

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Home air conditioning and health win-win

锘? Home air conditioning and health win-win The “air conditioning disease” occurred to indicate the highest, the highest is that people are dressed thinly. After entering the air-conditioned room, the body is suddenly in a low temperature environment, and the operation mode of the biological clock changes rapidly. When the cold sensation is transmitted to […]