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[Is brown sugar brown sugar]_ brown sugar _ features _ benefits

[Is brown sugar brown sugar]_ brown sugar _ features _ benefits

Brown sugar is known by many friends. Brown sugar is mainly edible sugar made by using sugar cane for juice extraction and continuous cooking. It has a good effect on the conditioning of female friends.

Brown sugar is actually a kind of brown sugar, but the relative time is longer during cooking, so the color will be darker, but it also wants to make a difference compared to brown sugar.

Brown sugar usually refers to edible sucrose made by extracting juice from sugar cane through simple processing and concentration.

Brown sugar is divided into red sugar, brown sugar powder, bowl sugar, etc. according to the different crystalline particles. Because it has not been highly refined, almost all the ingredients in sugar cane are retained. In addition to the function of sugar, vitamins and glycols are also added.Acids and trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese and chromium have much higher nutritional content than white sugar.

At the same time, the efficacy and role of brown sugar are too much.

Brown sugar is also edible sucrose that has not been highly refined and decolorized. Because its color is close to black, it is called brown sugar in Japan and Taiwan.

Traditional brown sugar and brown sugar are edible sucrose made in the same way, and they have the same nutritional value and edible effect.

The difference between brown sugar and brown sugar is mainly as follows: First, the depth of the color between brown sugar and brown sugar is caused by the length of time that the syrup is cooked.

Brown sugar has a longer cooking time, and the sugar bricks made by concentrating the syrup have a nearly black appearance.

Due to the difference in morphology and thickness between the two, it is caused by the different processing methods. At that time, there were often sugar bricks cut into different sizes and powdered sugar powder ground.

Second, whether it is brown sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, or rock sugar, the initial extraction method is the same.

The reason for the different colors and types of sugar is that the final purification and decolorization are different.

The degree of refining is increased, the whiter the color, and the purity is exceeded, but its sweetness will not increase due to the increase in purity.

Third, brown sugar retains the nutrients metabolized in sugar cane, which is more easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and can quickly replenish physical strength. It is called “Oriental Chocolate”.

In addition, it also contains various components such as malic acid, riboflavin, carotene, nicotinic acid and trace elements manganese, zinc, chromium, which are essential for human growth and development.

In addition to providing thermal energy, brown sugar also contains calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements, as well as folic acid and other minerals. At the same time, it has high nutritional value and is also beneficial to the acid-base balance in the human body.